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JK Wildlife Week 2023


Wildlife Week 2023

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The abundant population of monkeys has taken a menacing proportion in Jammu region. Almost all the towns are facing the nuisance of monkeys which has made the life difficult for the people often leading to accidents in homes, religious places and roads. It is common sight to see these monkeys mingling with the humans in all the areas of Jammu Region. They live in groups of 30 to 50 individuals and come in very close contact with man. They also enjoy a misguided religious protection and are fed with Fruits, Grains, Bread, etc. on roadsides and religious places by people. This has led to abandoning of their natural habitat and migrating to towns and creating menace for people. Very often the Wildlife Department is being asked to trap and Trans locate these monkeys from Jammu city and towns to far off forests which is a difficult task.

It needs to be recognized and realized that the menace is largely man’s own creation. While coordinated efforts of all sections of society and different Departments are necessary to control this menace. And at the same time it is the much responsibility of every man not to compound the problem by feeding them which otherwise also is violative of wildlife laws. These instances are very easily noticeable around us in all parts of Jammu.

By way of this notice the J&K Wildlife Protection Department appeals to the people not to feed the monkeys anywhere either roadside, home, temples etc. Dispose waste properly and do not interfere in their feeding habits. Nature has provided enough for them in the forests and do not make them dependant on un natural easy food which otherwise also is disturbing their lifestyle. The Wildlife Protection Department also wishes to bring to the notice of the people that monkeys (rhesus macaque) is a protected wild animal included in the part I schedule II of the Jammu & Kashmir Wildlife Protection Act 1978 (as amended up to date). Any feeding, luring, baiting to monkeys is also an offence under the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act and punishable accordingly. Which will lead to seizing, confiscating food articles, vehicles as well as fine and imprisonment?

Chief Wildlife Warden
J&K Govt., Jammu


Sh. Manoj Sinha
Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor
Jammu & Kashmir

Sh. Atal Dulloo, IAS
Chief Secretary, J&K

Sh. Dheeraj Gupta, IAS
Financial Commissioner (Additional Chief Secretary)
Forest, Ecology and Environment Department, J&K

Sh. Sarvesh Rai, IFS
PCCF / Chief Wildlife Warden, J&K

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