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JK Wildlife Week 2023


Wildlife Week 2023

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There are number of ongoing schemes are in operation under state plan for the conservation, preservation and development of wildlife in the state in various National parks, Wildlife sanctuaries, Wetlands reserves and Conservation reserves.

The major works carried out by the department include development of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, improvement of habitat of wildlife, population monitoring, development of infrastructure within the protected areas, etc., under the following approved schemes:-

  • i)   Research Survey & Census
  • ii)  National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries Development
  • iii)  Small & Big Game Reserves
  • iv)  Wetland Reserves
  • v)  Captive Breeding & Rehabilitation Programme
  • vi)  Wildlife Week & Publicity
  • vii)  Nature Club Projects
  • viii)  Training Symposium & Conference
  • ix)  Forest Biosphere Reserve
  • x)  Eco- Development
  • xi)  Strengthening of Wildlife Protection
  • xii)  Establishment of Zoological Park